Friday, June 25, 2021

What's needed along with funding to lower class size: specific reporting to ensure accountability with these funds.

We hear that in the budget negotiations happening right now, the Mayor is dragging his feet particularly in connection with the Council proposal to allocate $250 million for smaller classes, even though this is the top priority of K12 parents in NYC and statewide, and even though in the past he always promised he would lower class size when our schools received the full CFE funding, which has happened now.  

If the Council holds firm and there is funding allocated to lower class size, we also need specific accountability and transparency measures to ensure that the DOE doesn't cut their funding for staffing in other ways, as they so often have done, which would mean that NYC kids don't get the full benefit of the program.  

See our suggestions on how this could be prevented by attaching terms and conditions regarding reporting along with this funding below.

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