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Monday, February 14, 2011

Bloomberg's Blizzard! UFT ad vs. layoffs

Check out the UFT's latest ad against layoffs. I think it's their best ever. Others, leave comments.


Sweet Girl Tracie said...

I agree. I also think this is the best ad that the UFT put out there.

I posted it to my FB page that I use to advocate for public school, early childhood and special eduction.

The Reflective Educator said...

Not bad. I get that they want to remind viewers that Bloomberg's a jerk for mismanaging the snowstorm, but the reference just seems out of place.

arthur said...

The reference to Wall Street not paying its Fair Share is a reminder of where Bloomberg comes from and why he is so out of touch with our reality. "Very Good" job.

The imagery of snow also suggest a pretty looking cover-up! And we all remember where he was during the blizzard when we were forced to go to work and he was sailing around in the Bahamas.

vernon said...

Ummmm shouldn't the UFT have stood up against him when he ran for his third term? Well, when you are afraid to stand up and fight,this is what you get. What did the UFT think Bloomberg was going to do.

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Vegas Strippers said...

I think a great ad. Liked the snow imagery.