Thursday, May 27, 2021

Call to Action! Keep the cap on charters!

 The Education Council Consortium (ECC) invites all stakeholders to make a Charter Cap Call to Action. Please find more information in a letter from the ECC to the community, below: 

Dear fellow advocates of public education and concerned families,

We need your help. We advocated hard for a cap on the number of charter schools that could operate in New York City, and we won—but now, the charter school industry is lobbying hard to remove that cap. Even though they could easily open charter schools in other parts of the state, and even though NYC has over 80% of the state’s charters, they still want more in NYC. StudentsFirst, a pro-charter political lobbying organization formed by Michelle Rhee to pass state laws facilitating charter school expansion, has released results from their poll claiming NYC Democrats want more charters. Parent advocates don’t have lobbyists or market research firms to game the system, but we have our voices and our elected representatives. 

Phone Banking

Please reach out to 10 or more friends—SLT and PTA members, grandparents, really anyone you know, and ask them to call or write their state legislators. We are aiming to have 50 calls made in each community school district, surpassing 1,500 calls.

The Charter Committee will hold a virtual phone bank on TONIGHT, Thursday, May 27th at 7pm. Please register in advance for this event. 

Letter Writing 

You can also send a letter to your elected officials here. The letter writing site has a sample letter and it will look up your legislators, so that all you have to do is sign your name! Please do it today and share with others.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Results from our Parent Action Conference: how should the eight billion dollars in state and federal funds for our schools be spent? check it out!

On Sat. May 22, 2021, we had a great Parent Action Conference, co-sponsored with NYC Kids PAC and Teens Take Charge, to brainstorm on how parents, educators and students would like the $8B in additional federal and state funds should be spent to meet our students' needs. Thanks to all her participated! 

 Our terrific keynote speakers were from the federal, state and local levels: former NYC principal and now US House Rep. Jamaal Bowman, State Senator Robert Jackson, who was a parent and former D6 School Board member and original CFE plaintiff, and former NYC teacher, City Councilmember Mark Treyger, now chair of the Council Education Committee.

We presented a brief power point (also below) that included more info on the resources our schools are receiving, and summarized the results of our online survey. We then broke into six different groups focused on Elementary schools, Middle and High Schools, Students with Disabilities, Multi Language Learners, Health and Safety, and a student group led by Teens Take Charge. Members of our groups wanted to emphasize the need for smaller classes, more counselors and social workers, a nurse for every building, more extracurricular activities and programs and more. 

 Here is a recording of the session with Passcode: w!vhA8LG. The Jamboard with ideas from our breakout groups is also below.   

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

"Talk out of School" podcast with PEP member Tom Sheppard and Regent Kathy Cashin

Check out our latest "Talk out of School" podcast with Tom Sheppard on pushing the envelope on Panel for Educational Policy to empower parents on issues such as school mergers, closures, and larger educational policies regarding testing, funding and class size; and Regent Kathy Cashin on how smaller classes transformed her schools when she was Superintendent of D23 & Regional Superintendent in Brooklyn and Queens.



Panel for Educational Policy agenda for May 18 meeting and contract list; instructions on how to listen or comment here

Daily News article on proposed closure of PS 88 in the Bronx 

NY Times 2006 profile of Kathleen Cashin and her work as a Superintendent and Regional Superintendent in Brooklyn and Queens.

Regent Cashin’s op-ed on what happened in her schools when class size was reduced.

Monday, May 3, 2021

How do you think NYC should spend $8 billion to improve our schools? Make your voice heard!

Class Size Matters is holding our annual Parent Action Conference on Sat. May 22 from 11 AM – 1 PM with NYC Kids PAC, to gain input from parents, teachers and others on how NYC should invest the $8 billion in additional state and federal funds our schools are due to receive in the next two to three years.

Please sign up here, and we”ll send you the Zoom link shortly before the event.

Then take our three-minute survey to express your spending priorities; whose results we will present at the conference.