Sunday, October 1, 2023

Johanna Garcia on the long, hard struggle for smaller classes

 I interviewed Johanna Garcia, chief of staff to Sen. Robert Jackson and co-chair of the Class Size Working Group, on my podcast, Talk out of School. She explained the legislative history and the larger context of the long and hard fight for smaller classes that grew out of the Campaign for Fiscal Equity lawsuit. You can listen to the interview here or below.

Episode Notes

Chalkbeat, COVID guidance for NYC schools

UNESCO report, An Ed Tech Tragedy?

NY Times article about the UNESCO report

Class Size Matters presentation on the ways DOE is putting student privacy at risk

Class Size Matters testimony on dangers of DOE plans to expand online learning and ed tech

FAQ on the new state class size law

Class Size Working Group (CSWG) public engagement sessions to present their proposals for feedback:

Tuesday, September 26th – 5- 7:30pm online (Manhattan/Brooklyn);
Wednesday, September 27th – 5- 7:30pm online (Queens/Bronx/Staten Island)
Monday, October 2nd –  5- 7:30pm in person at MLK Campus Auditorium, 122 Amsterdam Ave, Manhattan  (Citywide) .
Register for these sessions here:

More information on the CSWG and their proposals here: