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Friday, October 10, 2014

Eva Gets Cozy With Bill

October 10, 2014 (GBN News): NY City Mayor Bill DiBlasio may be regretting the decision to rent out his Brooklyn apartment and live in Gracie Mansion. GBN News has learned that Eva Moskowitz, CEO of the Success Academy charter school chain, plans to co-locate one of her 14 recently approved charter schools into the Mayoral residence. Under a deal pushed through by Governor Andrew Cuomo last spring, the city must provide rent-free space for charter schools. Thus Mayoral control over charter co-locations is now significantly restricted, and Ms. Moskowitz appears to be taking full advantage of that fact.

It is unclear just how much of the Mayor’s residence will be taken up by the new school. Many charters have appropriated classrooms, lunchrooms and other common space from co-located public schools, and have relegated those facilities to using separate entrances. Mr. DiBlasio has tried to curry favor with the Governor, helping him secure the Working Families Party endorsement and supporting him in the Democratic primary. But given Ms. Moskowitz’s considerable influence over Mr. Cuomo, the Mayor might soon be making up some extra sets of keys to the back door of Gracie Mansion, and collecting takeout menus from local restaurants.


Anonymous said...

Funny! I always thought Bloomberg's triple wide town house would make for a perfect colocation!

Anonymous said...

bloomberg is terd

Anonymous said...

What's GBN News, and was this story posted on another link initially?

Gary Babad said...

GBN News is a satirical look at education related news. It is an exclusive feature of this blog. The only problem is that most of the folks in charge of education these days are not capable of recognizing satire; they prefer to call it "policy".