Monday, February 11, 2008

Mayor Mike talks about cutting carbon emissions while cutting school budgets

While Bloomberg was playing world leader, speechifying at the UN about global warming, the Daily News reported on the multi-million dollar costs of grading the state standardized tests.

Unmentioned is the cost of all the data-inquiry teams working overtime in every school, and the huge expense of time and money resulting from the periodic assessments, given five times a year -- with bubble sheets picked up to be scored and scanned by private couriers . Not to mention that multi-million dollar boondoggle, ARIS. The DOE accountability initiative, according to its czar Jim Liebman, is costing at least $100 million per year.

This is obscene, especially at a time when more than $100 million is being cut from school budgets in the middle of the year-- with an additional $324 million in cuts planned for next year.

Check out what principals are saying about the effects of these cuts at the InsideSchools blog.

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