Friday, July 27, 2012

Video: my testimony before the Cuomo Commission

UPDATE:  please sign our petition, urging the Commission to hold another NYC hearing in the evening in the fall, so more parents and other concerned citizens will be able to attend and/or testify.

Video of my testimony yesterday before the Cuomo Education Reform Commission, in a tiny crowded cafeteria room at Hostos College.

My written testimony, complete with charts and citations, is posted here, as well as a description of a disappointing day, in which many parents, educators and advocates -- especially those unaligned with the current administration's  insistence on high-stakes testing and charter school expansion -- were shut out of the tiny room and/or excluded from speaking.

Also check out what Lauren Cohen, NYC teacher, of Change the Stakes would have said, if she had been allowed to speak, the negative experience of student Nikhil Goyal, and GothamSchools' account of the morning's events.   Teacher Chris Cerrone recounts an earlier hearing in Buffalo with similarly stacked panels full of charter school reps, and little chance for the public to weigh in.

NYC has more than one third the students in the state and yet has been given only one tenth of the time by this Commission; simply unacceptable!  Write to protest and demand they schedule another NYC hearing, in the fall and at a time in the evening so they can hear from parents with regular jobs as well.

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Anonymous said...

Our children are not learning in NYC public schools not because of poor teaching like our politicians want us to believe,but because of overcrowding,co-location,excessive testing,preference to charter schools and lack of programs that will make a difference in our schools.The real sad part is the politicians have made no attempt to make any changes and their failing policies are just being allowed to continue.