Friday, September 25, 2015

Comments on the unacceptable classroom conditions at the Receivership schools, including Flushing and Grover Cleveland HS

Tonight, Class Size Matters will be speaking at the Flushing HS receivership hearings, and tomorrow morning at the Grover Cleveland HS hearings. Here are the schools at risk of being put in receivership by the state, along with the hearing dates.

It is a travesty that 66% of the struggling schools on the State receivership list and 57% of the schools on the City's renewal list continue to suffer from class sizes of 30 or more last year.  I wrote about this totally unacceptable state of affairs for Gotham Gazette last month.

Flushing HS is also hugely overcrowded, and instead of capping enrollment at the school and using available space to reduce class size,  DOE placed two new schools in their building several years ago, which is projected to worsen overcrowding and has caused the school to lose about ten additional classrooms this year.

Here are our comments on Grover Cleveland HS; according to DOE data,  there were classes as large as 54 students per class last year at the school.  Our comments on Flushing HS are below.  We are urging DOE that as a first step, all academic classes should be capped at 25 or less in every struggling school. 

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