Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Our comments on the new Procurement Process and DOE Contracts to be voted on tomorrow night

Here are the comments of our new Citizens Contract Oversight Committee about the new DOE procurement procedures and the contracts to be voted on tomorrow, Wed., Feb. 23 at the Panel for Educational Policy meeting.  The meeting will be held at 6:00 P.M. at the High School of Fashion Industries on 225 West 24th Street; the agenda is here.

As you can see, we had several reservations about the proposed procurement process and the contracts.  If you'd like to join our Oversight Committee and provide your input, please email us at info@classsizematters.org ; thanks! 

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Unknown said...

It is quite imperative to the enhancement of schooling that Educators be given the responsibility of creating the curriculum and tests at all levels. With this, the need for contracts will less likely be repetitive or wasteful.

Further, parents should also be at the decision-making table in all regards. Parents involved in the procurement process, including evaluating the proposed curricular materials, training modules, etc. that are purchased, will support less repetitive and or wasteful spending as well.

Lastly, contracts via other agencies like HRA, DYCD, ACS, etc... should be shown so that we can better be able to see if there is repetitive and or wasteful spending. Until then, the DOE should explain its own decision-making which these documents, and exactly why these are needed.

In closing, Educators in charge of Education, Parents at the decision-making table, and all contracts being shown within one document will undoubtedly disclose wasteful spending, and promote effective budgeting that will enhance schooling for NYCDOE. Our children will benefit greatly, and Excellence in Education will be a goal in motion.