Thursday, May 12, 2016

Twitter deleted my tweet linking to a critique of PARCC -- at PARCC's demand! What do you think?

Actually I was wrong, my tweet was not restored though I had mistakenly seen this in the cached version on my laptop. And Celia removed the questions after being threatened by PARCC.

A few days ago, Celia Oyler posted the comments of a teacher who had seen the 4th grade PARCC
exam and included some excerpts and a critique.  She pointed out that the reading passages were several grades above 4th.  One passage, according to Scholastic, was at an interest level for Grades 9-12, and at a 7th Grade reading level.

Moreover, the questions asked were ridiculously difficult, including one that demanded students "Write an essay that explains the differences in the structural elements between the passage and the poem."  Since then, many people have reprinted the post, including at the Daily Kos  and elsewhere.

While I was reading the blog post, tremendously appalled, the PARCC folks tweeted this:


Anonymous said...

I just asked my father, an attorney said taking the entire contents of an article and re-publishing/posting, most likely is a no no. However, if you are taking an excerpt(s) or the article citing where it came from review and critique, then that is considered 'fair game and use'. It is still good to consult with more privacy/copyright lawyers on this though.

My father also mentioned that Twitter may not want to get into this controversial matter either, in that it is their business to make money and to not have these matters come up on Twitter. So that is another possibility of why it could have also been deleted.

I am emailing you some names of people to contact who I follow on Twitter.

Anonymous said...