Monday, January 16, 2017

Pass a resolution in support of a Commission to reform the dysfunctional system of school planning and siting!

Many parent leaders signed a letter in June 2015, along with the Public Advocate and 22 Council Members, calling for a Commission to reform the broken, dysfunctional process of school planning and siting, to better estimate the need for new school seats and to ensure that sufficient numbers are built efficiently and promptly along with enrollment growth and not years afterward.

We have heard that the City Council is likely to hold hearings soon where the idea of a Commission will be discussed.  We don't have a date yet, but it would be terrific if PTAs and Community Education Councils could vote on resolutions to support the formation of a Commission that would come up with specific and actionable proposals to improve school planning and siting, or else our schools are likely to become even more overcrowded in the years to come. 

Below is a summary of how many seats are funded in each district in the current (Nov.2016) capital plan, compared to DOE's estimate of the need  along with our explanation of why even the DOE's figures significantly underestimate the actual need.

Also below is a sample resolution passed by the CEC D15.  CEC D2 also passed a similar one last week.
If you've already passed a similar resolution or would like some data for your district to plug into a resolution, just email us at thanks!  Leonie

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