Thursday, May 7, 2020

34 NYC council members urge de Blasio to avoid cuts to the classroom via savings in the education budget

See the letter from NYC Council Education chair Mark Treyger and signed by 33 other Council Members to the Mayor below, where they call for "common sense savings" by eliminating unnecessary spending on contracts, administration,  and testing to prevent damaging cuts directly to school budgets next year, which would lead to even larger classes and the loss of school counselors and other critical services. 

If you'd like to speak out against wasteful spending on contracts and consultants, or on other matters you can speak at tonight's Panel for Educational Policy meeting by signing up between 5:30 PM and 6:15 PM here.

More on this letter and potential budget savings in this Daily News article.

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Anonymous said...

Regents Exams need to be canceled next year too. I would lpve to know the costs of administering these exams 3x a year.. cost of grading the exams, time lost to proctoring exams? cost to pay people to make the exams? print the exams? ... time for NYS to move on from the Regents Exams.