Tuesday, November 17, 2020

DOE to delay the release of any class size data due Nov. 15 until Dec. 31, and any disaggregated data until Feb.15

UPDATE: in late February the DOE released links to aggregate class size data that then links to spreadsheets on the Open Data site that seems absurdly low.  Now they say they will not release any disaggregated data that may be more accurate till sometime in March.

UPDATE 1/4/21:  According to City Council staff, the DOE now says they are further postponing the release of any class size data until "early or mid-January."

UPDATE 10/23/2020: Chalkbeat wrote about this issue here.

See the letter from Karen Goldmark below of DOE responding to the letter from CM Mark Treyger, saying they will not release any class size data until December 31, based on the size of classes on November 13, rather than the legal deadline established by city law of November 15.  It also appears from the letter that they do not intend to report any disaggregated data till February 15-- still based on the size of classes as of November 13  (!).

It is very difficult to understand why this should take so long, especially as at the Mayor's press conference on Oct. 26, the Chancellor said that schools have been reporting attendance data and thus class size in "literally three buckets of attendance every single day": in-person classes, remote blended learning classes, and full-time remote classes. 

One suspects that DOE officials just don’t want people to know how large the online classes actually are, as reported by parents and the media here, here and here.


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