Monday, March 22, 2021

Our testimony about why NYC kids will need smaller classes next year than ever before -- & the federal funding is available to achieve this

City Council education budget hearings were held today.  The DOE offered no plans or thoughts on how to spend the additional $6B or more they will get from the federal government over the next two years. When Education Chair Treyger asked Chancellor Meisha Porter about the potential of reducing class size to strengthen academic and emotional support and creating stronger bonds between teachers and students, she said there were other ways to achieve this and that class size was "a contractual matter."  Disappointing. You can watch today's hearings here, in Virtual Room 2.  

See our testimony below, advocating for a big chunk of the federal funds be used for smaller classes below for the sake of health, safety and to address the damage done by more than a year of remote learning.

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