Friday, August 6, 2021

Parents, did your children's personal data get breached? Can you help us find out more about what happened?

 1.      Chalkbeat reported today on a data breach on a google drive that exposed the personal information of 3,000 students and about 100 school employees  Though the article just mentioned some District 28 students were affected, we know that students in other districts were affected as well. What is still unknown is how many schools experienced breaches, what personal student data elements were affected, and when this breach occurred. 

      The regulations for the NY student privacy law requires that all this  information be included in notifications to affected families:

       Notifications required by this section shall be clear, concise, use language that is plain and easy to understand, and to the extent available, include: a brief description of the breach or unauthorized release, the dates of the incident and the date of discovery, if known; a description of the types of personally identifiable information affected; an estimate of the number of records affected; a brief description of the educational agency’s investigation or plan to investigate; and contact information for representatives who can assist parents or eligible students that have additional questions.

      Parents, please ask your principals if any of the students in your children's school was affected, and if so, ask them for a copy of the letter that was sent to families.  And let us know if you get any answers and/or the copy of the letter by emailing  thanks!

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