Thursday, September 2, 2021

Yesterday's hearings and our critique of DOE's reopening plan: too little Covid testing; too much standardized testing

Update:  Here is the just-posted transcript of the hearings.

 Joint hearings of the City Council Education and Health Committees were held yesterday on DOE's school reopening plan. The assorted officials who testified, including Chancellor Meisha Porter and Dr. Dave Chokshi, NYC Health Department Commissioner, did not appear to reassure many of the Council Members that their plan was well-thought out or strong enough to ensure student safety.

What was also depressing is that the public testimony was dominated by anti-vaxxer teachers, who also called out and disrupted the hearings several times.  News reports about the proceedings are here  and here

Above is the video of Michael Horwitz, providing abbreviated remarks on behalf of Class Size Matters.  The video of the entire session is here.   

Here and embedded below is our full testimony with our detailed critique of DOE's school reopening plan. 

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