Thursday, November 11, 2021

Updated! Growing support for the class size bill and how you can help!

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UPDATED Nov. 12, 2021

Intro 2367, the bill that would require smaller classes be phased in over three years, now has 38 out of 49  Council Members as co-sponsors. (Two Council seats are empty.) We hope this bill will come to a vote in the next ten days or so.

As of this morning, 11 Council Members have not signed on. Their names and phone numbers are below, along with the school districts they represent and their twitter handles.

This list is updated and corrected.  CM Selvena Brooks-Powers had earlier signed on; and Brad Lander and Paul Vallone have since yesterday.  Keep those calls coming!  They make a difference.  

If they are your representative, or you work or your child attends school in their district, please give them a call, and follow up with a tweet if you can. If you don’t know who your Council Member is, you can find out by filling out the form here.

Here is a sample message:

I urge you to support and co-sponsor Intro 2367, so that my child and all NYC children can have a truly equitable chance to learn. It is simply unfair that NYC children continue to be subjected to the largest class sizes in the state.

The updated list of Members who have NOT signed on is below. thanks Leonie


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