Wednesday, December 15, 2021

The battle for smaller classes continues

Despite the crying need for smaller classes in NYC public schools, and the fact that Int. 2374 had 41 co-sponsors, the class size bill is still being blocked by Speaker Johnson and will not come to a vote this session.

When asked about this last week by NY1 reporter Jill Jorgensen, the Speaker disingenuously claimed he was still working on improving the bill, but that was clearly untrue. You can find more news about this on the blog, including video of our protests at the Speaker’s office and the rally outside City Hall.

2. But we are not giving up. As I wrote about in The Nation last week, reducing inequality in this city also depends on reducing class size. The awareness that we have a unique opportunity right now to transform our schools through smaller classes has never been greater. We will advocate for an amended bill with the new City Council, which will convene early next month with a new Speaker. We are also renewing our efforts to have legislation passed in the State Legislature to require the DOE to put in place a real class size reduction plan. But we cannot achieve this without your help.

3. Please donate to Class Size Matters, to ensure that our fight for truly equitable class sizes for NYC kids is strengthened in the months ahead. And if you’d like a briefing on this issue for your President’s Council or CEC, let me know by replying to this message.

Happy holidays, and thanks as always for your support.

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