Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Send a letter now to State Officials, urging them to allow online school and district meetings to continue!


One of the fe
w good things to come out of the pandemic is an expansion of parent participation in official school-and district meetings by holding these meetings online. Yet the ability to do so is due to expire on Jan. 15.  Resuming in-person meetings at this time is also especially risky, since Omicron still rages. Please send a letter today to state officials to urge them to enable online School Leadership Team and Community Education Council meetings to continue, by clicking here .

Dear community,

The Governor's Executive Order allowing School Leadership Teams and Citywide and Community Education Councils to hold their meetings virtually will expire on January 15th. If nothing is done, these entities will be required to meet in-person starting January 16th.

With the extremely high positivity rate, resuming in-person meetings is not in the best interest of the public (not to mention the volunteer members who serve on SLTs and CCECs).

Please contact the Governor and state legislators today by clicking here and ask them to extend the exemption to the Open Meetings Law and allow SLTs and CCECs to continue meeting virtually. If you have the time, please call your legislators as well. You can look up your Assembly member and Senator by going to

Thank you for your activism!

ECC Steering Committee

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