Thursday, February 10, 2022

Tomorrow is the deadline for comments on urging the Office of Civil Rights to collect data on class size

Accurate data on class size is nearly impossible to find in many districts across the country.  The Office of Civil Rights of the US Dept. of Education is asking the public what additional data they should collect, with a deadline of tomorrow Friday Feb. 11 at 5 PM.

If you'd like to help us ask them to collect data on class size, please go to their webpage at  Enter your comment on the line where it says, "Write a comment".  Add any more info about yourself or organization that you would like.  Here's a sample short comment about class size you can use, but feel free to devise your own.

"It is important that the Office of Civil Rights collect and report on class size data, as there is no other source for this information that is accurate and timely.  Smaller classes are key to education equity, and yet many students are subjected to class sizes that are too large to provide them with a sound, basic education."

The letter we just submitted with names of education activists and researchers from throughout the country is below.  thanks!

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