Friday, May 27, 2022

Possible legislative breakthrough on class size: please help us get this done!

We have heard via our friends in the legislature that there is a real push by the Assembly and the Senate to include requirements on reducing class size in the extension of Mayoral Control.  In he NY Post, NY State Sen. John Liu, the powerful chair of the NYC Education Committee, was quoted as saying he supports reducing class size as part of amending Mayoral control.  

Please call your legislators!  Tell your Assembly member and Senator that you need them to push for smaller class caps as part of any Mayoral control package , along the lines of S. 6296/A. 7447 ,  with strong accountability measures attached. 

The legislative session ends next week on June 2; we only have a few days to get this done! 


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Unitymustgo! said...

I find it so sad that the UFT leadership did nothing this past week or two as far as I'm aware of to draw attention to this opportunity. I'm a NYC teacher and I've received no emails or communication of any kind about this. No calls to action. You would think that the teachers union would take up this cause, but sadly once again the UFT talked the talk back months ago, but when it comes time to put up, they choose to shut up and be invisible. Hopefully this passes. Hopefully the city doesn't purposely mismanage the 5 year phase in period like they did the CFE funds in order to weasle themselves out of having to actually abide by it. Sadly, here in NYC I'm rarely surprised by the DOE or the UFT in a good way. I imagine the worse possible scenarios and then the realities are often worse. Thank you for your continued efforts on behalf of NYC's children.