Monday, October 24, 2022

Surprisingly little change in NAEP scores for NYC students compared to NYS & nation; & NCES finds no link between school closures and scores

The NAEP results were released today for every state and many large urban districts.  Unsurprisingly, given the disruptions to learning due to the pandemic,  most states saw significantly declines in all four areas tested:  4th and 8th grade reading and math.  The declines in math were especially large.  

In NYC, 4th grade math scores dropped but so did 22 other districts; and somewhat surprisingly, there was no significant change in NYC scores in the three other categories: 8th grade math, 4th grade reading or 8th grade reading.

NYC scores declined less  than many other districts and better than NY state as a whole, which showed significant drops in all four areas, including 4th grade math and reading, as well as 4th & 8th grade math.

You can check out the data for reading and math.  

Especially given the bitter and ongoing controversy over school closures and remote learning, here is the quote of the day from NCES Commissioner Peggy Carr: 

 “There’s nothing in this data that tells us that there is a measurable difference in the performance between states and districts based solely on how long schools were closed."

 Below is a pdf copy of screenshots captured off today's NCES online webinar, with titles I've added focusing on NY State and NYC results.  Comments welcome. 

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