Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bloomberg School Closings Condemned in Amsterdam News Editorial

In their editorials, the Times, News and Post generally parrot the mayor's positions on matters of public education. So it is inspiring to read a real editorial written explicitly to consider the point of view of those who patronize the public schools. Elinor Tatum, publisher and editor in chief of the Amsterdam News has penned "An Open Letter to Deputy Mayor Dennis Walcott".

Here is an excerpt:
But what do the parents have to say about the way their children are educated? Do they have a right to be involved, or do you think it should just be the DOE that makes all the decisions from on high and then the little people carry out your demands?
Tatum goes on to criticize the poor leadership of the administration:
The real question is why the failing schools have not been able to be turned around. Is it because it just can’t be done, or is it because if you let the schools fall far enough down, you can, with the stroke of a pen, close them and open up smaller ones in the same space? Is that really an answer?
If your kids go to public school, Tatum's letter is a must read. It is an insightful antidote to the relentless spin put out by the Chancellor's bloated press office and their allies on the editorial boards of the Times, News and Post. Find it on the website of the Amsterdam News here.

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