Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our daily newpapers: four different takes on NYC test scores

  •   The Wall Street Journal says charter schools’ scores – especially those of Eva Moskowitz’s schools -- are so stellar that they should stop opponents in their tracks.
Of course!  Privatization is the goal.
  • The Post says the test scores, though nothing stellar,  should be commended.
Let’s keep boosting Bloomberg, half-heartedly, even though we don’t really believe anything he says.
  • The Daily News says there were only “miniscule gains”  and show that the city’s teachers are at fault and need to be "weeded" out.
Let’s keep attacking the UFT and teachers, whatever happens!
  • The NY Times? No editorial.
Let’s ignore our public schools as much as possible since really, who cares?

For my take on the results, see yesterday's post

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