Monday, June 25, 2012

Best way to end a stressful school year? Flash mob and budget cuts restored

Brooklyn moms (and dads) perform a flash mob in the schoolyard at PS 10 on June 19th. Wow!  More at the NYPost,   Windsor Terrace Patch,   and  Gothamist .  Meanwhile, GothamSchools reports good news about the budget:
Instead of losing 6,500 child-care spots and 30,000 after-school spots, the city will actually have more spots next year than this year. And although Bloomberg had slashing about 400 school aides from the city payroll — more than half as many as were laid off last year — no layoffs will take place.
 Lets hope it's all true (though I'm still hearing of lots of teachers being excessed from schools next year.  Please email me if you hear something about your school. )  But tonight, let's sit back and watch these terrifically cool Brooklyn parents strut their stuff.

Choreography - Kristi Spessard. Videography - Joshua Berger, Benton Collins, John Hennegan, Daniel Koehler, Mark Rattelle. Still Photography - Matt Carr. Video Editor - Benton Collins

P.S.10 Flash Mob 6-19-2012 (Official) from Benton Collins on Vimeo.


Lori Walton said...
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Lori Walton said...

Straight up - that is HOW WE DO! Totally rockin' parents! Thank you for sharing your love of all those kids and your public school!

roger dennis said...

Wonderful, P.S. 10

How about doing stuff like this in all of our schools; and throughout the school year, not just at the end?!!

Anonymous said...

Every school has it's thing that they do. This totally rocks! sounds great to have these things throughout the year, but the truth is it feels better at the end. A big relief to a stressful year.