Thursday, June 7, 2012

video of Pearson protest today!

Lindsey Christ of NY1 did a great story on today's protest at Pearson, the largest education conglomerate in the world and the author of our sadly flawed state tests. Please also see my post in NYT/Schoolbook on the Lessons of Pineapplegate. -- Leonie Haimson


Anonymous said...

The problem is not only the mistakes made in the tests,it is the importance placed on these tests by the people who know nothing about education. To give tests which have no real purpose for our children is absurd.However,it is the DOE that orders all these tests and judges schools,students,teachers,administrators and everyone else based on these exams who are at fault.
Use test results to improve instruction,not to judge and punish people!!!

tedmlewis said...

Thanks to all of the folks who publicly called out for an end to the madness of a standardized test driven education. Left to their own devices and without effective, organized opposition, the DOE and their corporate allies will maintain or accelerate the current course.