Tuesday, August 21, 2012

On Thursday, let's go visit the billionaire hedge-funders out to privatize our schools!

Please join us this Thursday 8/23 at 9:30 am at Columbus Circle to go on a tour and teach-in of the billionaire hedge-fund managers that want to privatize education...


Billionaire Dan Loeb

Billionaire Kenneth Langone

Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones

Q: What do these “fat cat” billionaires all have in common?

A: They crashed the economy and now they want to crash NYC public schools through StudentsFirst NY, an organization that is advocating for more standardized testing, more privatization, more school closings and more budget cuts. 

It’s time to go to their homes and workplaces & let them know our schools are NOT for sale!

Join parents and students from across the city as we get to know the billionaires spending millions of dollars to continue failed policies in NYC schools.

Thursday, August 23rd

Meet at 9:30 at

Columbus Circle 

Near Central Park West, by the giant globe 


A, B, C, D, or 1 train to Columbus Circle or N, Q, R to 57th St.

For more information:
Contact Julian Vinocur, Julian@aqeny.org, 212-328-9268


See also the report,  Students First, Romney First for more on the donors to this organization.


Anonymous said...

In this country having money ismagical and endows the ignorant wealthy with special powers look at Bloombergs incredible statements about family shelters. Three white men who live inside dollar bills now are education experts just like joel klein and the creative destruction and corruption he implemented at nycdoe. These men make money which means they make money and that is what they understand not economic theorists itself more nonsense they are not educators they are indicators of the financial winds of the moment meaning this moment in time that is it.

Anonymous said...

It is the white man's burden.