Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cuomo Commission report predictably leaves out class size

Update:   The most offensive statement in the Cuomo Commission report can be found in the section plugging for the expansion of online learning:

"The application of learning technologies has important potential benefits for enhancing family and community engagement in education. Blended course offerings including instruction on-line will provide new opportunities for family members to work directly with students receiving this instruction, and to build their own abilities as well."

Can you imagine the Commission members recommending this for suburban parents or private school parents?  This is incredibly condescending, not to mention an altogether unreasonable expectation that over-worked parents should be eager to act as teachers in delivering instruction.   

As one commenter to the NYC ed list serv wrote, "Thus turning parents into replacement scabs for displaced teachers.   And Randi voted for this?"

 Welcome back and Happy New Year.  The first report of the Cuomo Commission on Education Reform was released today.
As expected, given the pre-established views of the Commissioners selected by the Governor, the report makes a big push for more full day preK, more extended school time and more online learning, higher standards for acceptance into teacher prep programs, measuring the quality of those programs through analyzing the student test score data of their graduates, and a more rigorous, national certification exam, as AFT president Randi Weingarten and Commission member has proposed.
It remains silent on the need for smaller classes, the top priority of New York City parents and one of the few reforms proven to work through rigorous evidence.  This failing, which does not put students first, reflects how few of the Commissioners have classroom experience or children enrolled in the city’s public schools.

More on the report at GothamSchools here.  


NYC Educator said...

Not only that, but they actually took the name of Rhee's various astroturf groups to name the report. I trust them just as much as I trust Rhee, and can only suppose everyone else does too.

Anonymous said...

Wow, no regular teachers on the Commission.

Also, who wants a longer school day? These are kids! They don't need to be putting in more time at school, they need time to relax and enjoy their childhood.

And more time on-line? Great more screen time for kids-a great way to help fight the obesity epidemic.

Anonymous said...

No regular parents, either.

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me who I can email to get on the email listserv that was mentioned above:
"nyc ed listserv"

Leonie Haimson said...

you can subscribe by sending an email to but also please explain why you want to join (just to keep out spammers)!

thanks, Leonie