Tuesday, February 12, 2013

video: the Gates-funded threat to student privacy

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Mary Conway-Spiegel of the Partnership for Student Advocacy about the unprecedented threat to student privacy represented by the Gates-funded Shared Learning Collaborative, which is collecting, storing and distributing to commercial software developers the confidential, personally identifiable data of public school students in nine states  (so far). Since this interview was filmed, the SLC has spun off into a separate corporation called inBloom Inc.

For more on this highly controversial project, see this post by Audrey Watters, a letter to the Massachusetts board of education from parent and advocacy groups in that state, including the ACLU, and this fact sheet for parents.  Much thanks to the PSA for this video.

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Dina Montes said...

Hi Leonie,

As a parent in East Harlem, I've been following your blog as I'm very concerened about the encroachment of charter schools in Harlem public school buidlings.

My daughter's school, Cental Park East, has fallen victim to this. We are trying to expand to middle school grades in the building, but the DOE is now granting space to two charter schools.

DNAinfo.com covered the issue in today’s paper: http://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20130213/east-harlem/a-grade-public-school-loses-out-charter-school-for-space-harlem.

Can you please repost on your blog.This is an important topic that affects East Harlem families.