Sunday, April 21, 2013

Parents: please send a message to the Regents asking them to withdraw from inBloomtoday!

Tomorrow, the members of NY Board of Regents are meeting to discuss the state's plan to share highly confidential, personally identifiable student data with a corporation called inBloom Inc., which intends to share it with for-profit vendors without parental notification or consent.  On Friday, John White, the State Education Commissioner of Louisiana, announced he was pulling his state's data out of inBloom, because of the privacy concerns expressed by parents and the members of his state's Board of Education.

Please send a message to the NY Board of Regents today, asking them to follow Louisiana's lead.  A sample message follows, along with the Regents' email addresses.  Feel free to alter the message any way you like, but please send it today!


Dear Board of Regents:

Last week, John White, the State Education Commissioner of Louisiana, announced he was pulling his state's student data out of inBloom Inc., because of the strong privacy concerns expressed by parents and the members of his state's Board of Education.  As I parent, I urge you to do the same.

Louisiana is the only state along with New York that was planning on sharing student data with inBloom Inc. statewide. The data which New York State Education Department is providing to inBloom will reportedly include student names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, along with their grades, test scores, racial, special education and economic status, as well as disciplinary records.

inBloom intends to store this highly sensitive data on a cloud, and has already said that it will not be responsible if the data leaks out in storage or transmission.  New York and inBloom then plan to provide  this highly sensitive personally identifiable data to for-profit vendors without parental notification or consent. Articles about this controversial plan have appeared in Reuters and the Daily News, among other media outlets.

I urge you to follow Louisiana's lead, and pull our student data out of this risky project immediately.  Do New York children deserve less privacy than children in Louisiana?  If the data leaks out or is used inappropriately by vendors, it could damage a student's prospects for his or her life.

If you do not decide to withdraw all the state's data, I ask that you at least require parental consent, so that I as well as other parents can decide for ourselves if we would like our children's most sensitive information shared with inBloom and other corporations.

Yours sincerely,

Your name, address

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Helen Graves said...

There is no Regent Cofield, folks! I used this list and it worked fine except for that address. I checked the Regents' web page - no such name.

You need to update, please, because wrong addresses may make our emails look amateurish.

That being said, many many thanks for the resources and information!