Thursday, March 24, 2016

One week only! See the new film about the Gulen chain of charter schools -- the nation's largest

Tomorrow the documentary "Killing Ed" opens at the Cinema Village on E. 12 St., and will run for only a week.  See the trailer below.  It's about the largest chain of US charter schools, led by a politically influential Turkish Imam living in Pennsylvania named Fethullah Gulan.

This  school year, 155 Gulen charter schools operate in 26 states and the District of Columbia under different names, including New York. The chain is also under investigation by the FBI for various alleged abuses.

This Friday, the filmmaker and Sharon Higgins, a Gulan expert who is interviewed in the film and blogs at Charter School Scandals, will be at the 7 PM show to answer questions afterwards.  Buy your tickets here

Trailer for KILLING ED from Visual Truth Projects on Vimeo.

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USQ Foodie said...

I am no expert on Fetulleh Gulen, but it appears this film is a hatchet job. We have friends, a secular Muslim couple, both world-famous scientists, who sent their son to a Gulen school in Africa because the local school system was inadequate. Our friends told us that the education was first rate, end entirely secular. I have heard similar comments from friends around the world.