Thursday, December 30, 2021

My most read blog posts of 2021

 Below are my most read blog posts from the last year.  


October 24, 2021 Unanswered questions about DESSA, the DOE's social-emotional screener, and what parents should do

August 4, 2021  Original list of "Tier one" schools which DOE said couldn't provide social distancing next year

September 21, 2021 The uselessness of the interim assessments that the DOE purchased for $36 million

October 24, 2021  A well-connected informant speaks out about the MAP exams

August 25, 2021 NY Times columnists still financially benefiting from Bill Gates largesse - without acknowledgement from the NYT

June 11, 2021 NYC Mayoral Candidates: Their Positions on Public Education


December 11, 2021 Class size rally urging Speaker Corey Johnson to bring Int. 2374 to a vote; though he apparently will not allow this to occur


December 9, 2021 Corey Johnson MIA when parents, teachers and students gathered at his district office, urging him to bring Int. 2374 to a vote.

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