Sunday, December 28, 2008

GBN News “Best Headline of 2009” Contest

GBN News invites you to create your favorite GBN News headline of the coming year. The winning headline will title a full GBN News “look ahead” story. Entries can be a headline alone, or can contain a sub-headline as well, and must be submitted in the “comments” section below by January 10. Decision of the GBN News editorial staff will be final. Some examples:

Klein Indicted in Test Score Ponzi Scheme
Chancellor Used Scores Raised in Some Schools to Boost Those in Others

Blagojevich to Replace Sen. Caroline Kennedy in DOE Fund Raising Job
Gets Nod Over Madoff

DOE Defies Council on Shoe Ban
Chancellor, Fearing Thrown Projectiles, to Ignore Council Law Allowing Children to Wear Shoes To and From School

Sabathia Elected Mayor
Yankees Outspend Bloomberg on Campaign

Klein’s and Rhee’s Blackberries Exposed In Sex Scandal
Neither Chancellor Suspected Steamy Email Affair Between Respective Devices


Patrick J. Sullivan said...

Bloomberg Closes Zoos Citing Budget Gaps.
School Cafeterias Instructed to Serve Wildlife Stew For Duration of Year.

David Ballela said...

Bloomberg eliminates DOE's media relations' office and closes city budget gap. Bloomberg eliminates city's media relations' office and closes U.S. budget gap

Diana Senechal said...

DOE Purchases Accountable Talk for $5M
Talk to replace thought by 2010

School Empowers Students to Self-Grade
Historic Gains Immediately Follow

Klein Mandates Goal-Setting Software for All Schools
Your Aspirations Just a Click Away

Anonymous said...

Urban Kindergarten Teachers Succumb to Consonant-Vowel-Consonant Syndrome Disorder

Even everyday zoc dib speech increasingly fod peppered with long wop wib strings of zum vac syllables.