Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Check out SED contract list and other agency spending info

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Check out the new website, www.openbooknewyork.com, where you can search spending information on state and local agencies. This includes broad categories of NYC DOE expenditures, but more interestingly, specific State Education contracts.

One of the largest SED contracts is listed as $20,518,160 for McGraw Hill/CTB to “DEVELOP GRADE 3-8 ASSESSMENTS IN MATHEMATICS” from 2004 -2011.

Another $17.8 million is again for CTB McGraw Hill, to “DEVELOP GRADE 3-8 ASSESSMENTS IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS” over the same period. Wonder why math exams are more expensive than the ELA?'

Lots of charter school grants as well, including a $175,000 “planning” grant last June to the Ross Charter School.

Many of member items listed as well, though the list doesn’t identify which legislators were the sponsors. Check it out, and please share anything interesting you find in the comments section.

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Talmud said...

It seems there is plenty of fat to trim from the budget before we even consider our educators.