Thursday, June 24, 2010

Leadership, empowerment and accountability according to the Chancellor...not to mention tax fraud

Richard Brescia, former Director of Performance Management and Talent Development at DOE, pled guilty to tax fraud.

Meanwhile, check out the following, still posted on the DOE website as of tonight:

Chancellor's Fellowship Program

In every great organization, leadership talent matters. Over the past eight years, the Department of Education has improved student achievement by creating a set of core values based on leadership, empowerment, and accountability. Accountability is the cornerstone of great leadership and the best leaders empower others to do their best. Sustaining success is clearly dependent on having the highest quality leaders in the city’s classrooms and schools. Equally important are the leaders in the DOE’s central offices.

In 2008, the DOE launched the first Chancellor’s Fellowship Program as the Chancellor’s personal commitment to developing the most outstanding managerial talent in the DOE’s central and administrative offices. Due to the success of the inaugural program, the DOE will again sponsor the Chancellor’s Fellowship in 2009-2010…..

…..To submit an application, applicants must download the Candidate Application, enter their personal information, complete the application electronically, save the file, and email it to Richard Brescia at by October 9, 2009.

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