Sunday, November 20, 2011

NYC children and teachers speak out at Occupy Wall St. rally in Foley Sq.

My video taken Sept. 17 of our part of the citywide protests as part of Occupy Wall St. and Occupy the DOE, when, among other things, Justin Wedes taught the Children's Brigade how to use the people's mike, and  teachers and students spoke out in Foley Sq.

Part I and Part II below.  Beautiful and sad.


Anonymous said...

I just wrote and posted my writing piece on N17 Day of Action. After I wrote mine, I noticed this blog post was published. I like how the metal barricades were recorded and for some reason I never thought of photographing on Thursday. I mentioned in my blog about this too. I hope it is okay if I create a link to this blog post where it was also referenced in mine.


Hans said...

Tears dropping.Iam from Holland and i feel so mad about the way your GOV is handeling own ppl and special kids/students teachers .They are the future, not those that are in power.They live the future now.Greed and lust for power is such great problem all over the world but USA is exporting and exploiding it far out the most. Teachs those kids that its poseble to do much better.