Monday, October 1, 2012

Current TV on Parent Trigger and "Won't Back Down"

UPDATE: for some reason, the video no longer works.  Watch it on the Current TV website here.

Check out  "Public MisEducation": the Young Turks with  Cenk Uygur, from Current TV on the "Parent Trigger," the propaganda film "Won't Back Down" and its producer, right-wing privateer Philip Anschutz.


The Perimeter Primate said...

I once tried making contact w/Cenk Uygur, thinking he'd be interesting in knowing about the Gulen Movement's enormous charter school chain, but never heard back. Maybe he'll be more interested now that he's aware of the issues and problems surrounding charter schools. If anyone reading this post happens to know him, please, please urge him to present a segment about this largest U.S. charter school chain.

Anonymous said...

The video has been taken down.