Sunday, March 9, 2014

Watch this! Two and half minutes of the the NY Assembly hearings on inBloom

Highlights from the NYS Assembly hearings on inBloom on February 28, with Assembly Education Chair Nolan and AM O'Donnell grilling Ken Wagner, Deputy Commissioner, who continued to insist that schools could not deliver services to their students if parents had the right to opt out of inBloom's database. 

Nolan sponsored a bill that just passed the Assembly that would postpone any personal data being uploaded to inBloom until at least July 2015, and would allow parents to opt out their child's data from being shared with any third-party vendors.  (Check out our comparison of many of the student privacy bills that have been introduced in the Legislature.)

Thanks to Tom Liam Lynch who edited the three-hour hearing down to these two and half minutes.  Lynch is a technology expert who has taught in the NYC public schools and recently completed his PhD at Teachers College with a dissertation on online learning.  He has a terrific blog that has addressed the inBloom controversy as well as many others. 

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Some people just don't give a crap. And this wagner is not connected to reality at all