Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Despite parent protests, DOE to go ahead with plan to push class sizes to 46 at PS 11Q Queens & violate building code

For more on the class size violations this plan will trigger, and the opposition of elected officials and parents, see DNA info here and here.  The plan also includes busing Kindergarten students to three different schools for three years in a row.  You can send your comments to D30Proposals@schools.nyc.gov before 5 PM today, to be voted on tomorrow night at the PEP meeting at Prospect Heights HS in Brooklyn.

Dear Panel members:
I see that the plan to build an annex at PS 11 in Queens is again on the agenda, to be voted on at this week's meeting on Wednesday April 9.  This will mean doubled up class sizes in grades 1-3.
Please see attached chart, showing proposed room usage next year at PS 11 in which eleven rooms will violate UFT class size limits, with class sizes up to 46; and ten rooms that will violate the building code.  These are the worst class sizes I have seen in over a decade of advocacy work.  Building code violations are simply unacceptable and unnecessarily will risk children's safety.
There is an obvious alternative. Delay construction for one year until PS 339 nearby is completed.  DOE's claim that the money to build the annex could not be put into escrow for one year makes NO sense at all and should not be accepted at face value.
Whatever the solution, these doubled up class sizes should NOT be allowed to occur.  They are unfair to children, will severely undermine their educational trajectory for life, and are probably illegal.  I urge you to vote NO on this proposal.

Sincerely, Leonie Haimson, Class Size Matters


NYC Phoenix said...

This is insanity! Are we living in the United States or in some nightmarish dystopia? I'm really not sure anymore.

Anonymous said...

I worked at PS11Q many years ago. It was by far the best school I've ever worked in. (I still miss it.) Wonderfully supportive administrators, terrific teachers and staff, great kids and amazing parents. Even with all of that, I can't imagine having 46 students in one class. That's just ridiculous!

Mary Ahern

Anonymous said...

PS11 PTA is a disgrace!!!!! not only did they push for this proposal by the morons running our school system, they used all types of scare tactics and bullying to get parents to support this as well. All but one PTA members has a child that will be affected by this horrible proposal. why are they pushing so hard for this??? whats there motivation????

Anonymous said...

the loyalty in this proposal wasn't to the kids i dont expect the school admin or the DOE to fully care or worry about that but the SLT and the PTA both needed to listen to parents and worry about the small children, they both pushed for the construction to happen this year despite what parents wanted. the paper send home with the kids where you HAD to choose between a bad idea or an even worst one was a way for the PTA and the SLT to get what THEY wanted we as parents had an option to not allow the construction to happen this year, but since these parties went out of their way to approach parents and MADE them choose one, not giving them all their options. thats why at the PEP vote the board thought more parents were towards this idea, and that was not the case. many parents who do not speak the language were made to sign this "petition" not being totally aware of what the real story is. EVERY ONE got BAMBOOZLED by these 2 organizations . but now they will be held responsible for anything that happens with our children in the upcoming years i hope every one is ready for what mess they caused and that they realize the responsibility that they now have on their shoulders. i hope for the best and pray that our children don't suffer any kind of mental physical or emotional damage because they are being taken from their comfort zone if kindergarten isn't already hard for a new student now they will have it just that much harder. the power is in numbers as parents we need to speak up to be heard this cant keep happening where total strangers have a say in what happens with our children . people that arent even affected by this were speaking at the pep meeting those who are only motivated by the politics and the money should not be allowed to speak in favor or against.