Sunday, February 5, 2017

Make your calls now - to the Senators who haven't announced their vote! then watch these segments from SNL and Maddow!

The final vote in the Senate on Betsy DeVos in now scheduled for Tuesday.   

According to informed sources, the best chances we have now against her appointment as Education Secretary lie with Sens. Thad Cochran (MS) and John Barrasso (WY) who haven't yet announced their positions.   Remember we need only one more vote against her to defeat her nomination.

If you live in either of these states, please call these offices today today or early Monday.  If you know someone who does, please share this information with them:

Cochran: 202.224.5054 or 601.965.4459 or 662-236-1018 or 228-867-9710  

Barrasso: 307.261.6413 or 307-261-6413 or 307.772.2451 or 307.856.6642

That these two men have not yet announced their vote appears to be confirmed by this helpful list,  posted two days ago that includes all the Senators and cites their positions on DeVos, along with links to their contact information.  

There are other GOP Senators that according to this list hadn't announced their position on DeVos by Friday, including those from Idaho, Indiana, South Dakota and Utah.  Check to see what your Senator has said or not said about DeVos here:

After you've checked the list, and called your Senators, watch this hilarious sketch on last night's Saturday Night Live, featuring Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer and Kate McKinnon as Betsy DeVos.   

You can also check out Friday's Rachel Maddow show on the unprecedented grassroots opposition to the DeVos nomination throughout the nation.  

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