Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Our best hope to defeat Betsy Devos! The final one: Please share with residents of Nebraska

An exhausting day - starting with highs when Senators Murkowski and Collins said they would vote against DeVos.  We only needed one GOP Senator to join them to defeat her nomination.  Sadly, Senators Toomey said he would support DeVos and so did Senator Heller of Nevada during the course of the late afternoon.  Senator Moran of Kansas also said yes even later.  Flake tweeted his support at the end of the day too.  Only one possibility remains as of 6:20 PM of another GOP possible No vote:  Senator Fischer of Nebraska.  The final Senate floor vote is expected Monday.

But keep those calls coming  parents/teachers in KS, and NE; we've also just added Flake of AZ  as possibly persuadable.

Today  Senators Murkowski and Collins announced they will vote NO on Betsy DeVos. 

We ONLY need one more GOP senator to beat her.  Our best chances are below; please share with friends and allies who live in PA, NV, NE or KS.  These are Senators from rural states who voted against an earlier voucher bill according to EdWeek, or who insiders say may be persuadable

Capitol switchboard is here: (202) 224-3121. 

If you can’t get through in DC call their district offices; .

If you can’t get through to district offices, send a free email to fax – remember to include your address.

But do NOT call or fax unless you live in one of these states as you may be preventing someone who does live in the state from getting through!  Thanks Leonie 

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