Saturday, March 24, 2018

Amazing day and amazing speech by Emma Gonzalez at #MarchforourLives; keep it going on April 20!

A tremendously inspiring day in DC, NYC and all over the country today. #MarchForOurLives has been led by amazing high school students who are taking personal tragedy and turning it into positive political change.

Whether or not you participated today or on March 14 with a school walkout, remember you have another chance to join the movement to stop gun violence on April 20-- the anniversary of the Columbine shootings.

Students, parents, and educators in communities all over the country are keeping the issue alive by planning events in their schools -- either during drop off, during the day or afterschool.

Some suggested actions for April 20 from the Network for Public Education are below.  More information about what's happening in your community and to register your action is here.

Parents, teachers and students linking arms around their school can be a very effective action in sending a message -- as we learning in NYC a few years ago when protesting proposed Governor Cuomo's attempt to defund, disrupt, and dismantle our public schools.

Here is a video of Emma Gonzalez' incredibly moving speech today.

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