Friday, April 5, 2019

NY Chancellor & NYSED Commissioner tell districts & schools to honor parental right to opt out

On social media, public school teachers have shared horror stories about children taking many hours to complete the excessively long, arduous untimed NY ELA exams this week. Stories of children frustrated with glitches in the computer-based tests, and losing their work because of the inability of Questar for the second year in a row to deal with the internet traffic are also widespread.

Parents at schools throughout the state have revealed how their children have been offered bribes and threatened  with punishment to try to compel them to take these exams. Nevertheless, 46% of eligible students opted out on Long Island, according to a preliminary figures published by Newsday.

Now this morning, Regents Chancellor Betty Rosa and Commissioner MaryEllen Elia released a statement instructing schools and districts to honor parents' rights to opt out of these exams.

Here it is:

Spread the word, and please share this information with other parents as well as your principals and district superintendents. 

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ParentNY said...

This should have been released last month.