Thursday, March 5, 2020

Diane Ravitch urges the NYC Mayor and Council to lower class size

Diane Ravitch wrote this statement but couldn't attend the NYC Council hearings on class size that were held on Feb. 28 at City Hall. Much thanks to Cynthia Wachtell who read this statement on her behalf.

Feb. 28, 2020
I am happy to add my voice to those of parents, teachers, and students on behalf of class size reduction. 
The benefits of class size reduction are greatest for the neediest students. 
Students who are falling behind can catch up if their teacher has the time to give them individualized attention. 
Students are more engaged and learning is more productive. 
The research on the benefits of reducing class size is overwhelmingly positive. 
If you are serious about helping children, reduce class size. 
If you are serious about helping teachers to be more effective, reduce class size. 
Reducing class size is more effective than test prep; it is more effective than hiring coaches and consultants. It is more effective than buying new hardware and software. It is more effective than any of the many other "reforms" that have been imposed by the federal or state government. 
We have spent billions on testing and there is nothing to show for it. New York State's scores on national tests have been flat for 20 years. 
It is time for fresh thinking. Do what works! Reduce class sizes!
-- Diane Ravitch

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Bronx ATR said...

Fight to repeal Fair Student Funding and go to Central Funding. That would end over sized classes over night. Every school could hire any number of teachers needed. This is an accounting scheme which is hurting every constituency, especially children.