Friday, June 18, 2021

New video on why class size matters!

NYC educators, parents, students, elected officials explain how class size has a profound impact on learning and the quality of education, especially for disadvantaged and high needs students, and that for the sake of true equity, class sizes should be reduced in NYC and nationwide.  If you agree, sign our petition to the Mayor .  A shorter, two minute version is here.

Why class size matters from Class Size Matters on Vimeo.


Greg Esres said...

Smaller class sizes help, but they are a VERY expensive way to improve education. Plus, they will require a lot more teachers and there's already a shortage.

There are other ways to help that are much less costly. First, get behavior under control. Most schools aren't very good at this because they're afraid to appear too strict. Second, teach reading properly using phonics. Third, focus on rigorous academic *knowledge*, not impossible-to-teach skills like critical thinking & creativity. Fourthly, dump this "discovery learning" and use explicit instruction.

There, do that and you will revolutionize K-12 education.

Anonymous said...

great video