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Monday, June 10, 2013

Video of Saturday's One Voice United Rally for Public Education

Video below of the Saturday's huge rally, One Voice  United in Albany.  Highlights: Randi Weingarten at 56 minutes in; Michael Mulgrew at 1:08; student leader Nikhil Goyal at 1: 29.

At 1:35, Tom Chapin and Michael Mark perform their great song, "It's Not on the Test," and then, with Mary Mark, reading teacher in Nyack, a new song they wrote for the occasion, "One Voice."  (Tom Chapin went to PS 41 in Greenwich Village and Brooklyn Tech; Mark is on his 6th term of the Nyack school board.).

John Nichols of The Nation's gave the keynote address at 2:10; my speech is at 2:30.  Please add your favorites below.


Anonymous said...

A tragic story from Saturday's rally: a man by one of the reflecting pools had placards about his son.

His son had a concussion this spring. Just a few days out of the hospital, he was pressured to take a test. Struck by so much anxiety, his son took his own life.

Have these test-pushers no shame?

Anonymous said...

My favorite parts in the video was of course your speech Leonie, as well as John Nichol's..

I was at the rally and went along with the Friends of Baldwin Schools caravan but unfortunately had to meet for the bus before you 2 made your speeches.

~~ Tracie G