Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tory Frye at CEC 6 hearings on the real motive behind the DOE's push to dezone

UPDATED: video with the comments of new CEC member Fé Florimón below, who explains her skepticism about the dezoning proposal by pointing out that the NYC DOE has repeatedly betrayed the trust of the community many times.  See also today's article in the Daily News, which mistakenly calls District 6 as in Harlem, when it is really Washington Heights/Inwood.

After the CEC 5 hearing in Harlem on Thursday, there were dezoning hearings last night and this morning in District 6 in Washington Heights. See the video of Tory Frye of CEC 6 below, explain what the real intent of DOE may be in pushing dezoning throughout the city in the last days of the Bloomberg reign.  This is the second time DOE has proposed dezoning to District 6 this year.  See our memo on this issue here; and an article about the hearing in  DNA info.

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