Monday, August 25, 2008

Eduwonkette revealed!

Eduwonkette revealed herself on her blog last night as Jennifer Jennings, a grad student in Sociology at Columbia University. See also this article in NY Magazine.

Jennifer is beautiful and brilliant and an expert in deconstructing the fraudulent statistics of the NYC Department of Education.

As one of the few individuals who has known her identity for many months, I must say it’s a relief not to have to keep it secret any more.

Jennifer also did the seminal study of the “bubble kids” in Texas, revealing the "educational triage" that high-stakes testing had given rise to; see her study here and her Washington Post oped summarizing the results.

There will undoubtedly be many more path-breaking studies to come – that is, if Bloomberg and Klein do not put out a hit against her.

Here’s hoping that this emboldens some of the other academics who in private, are extremely critical of this administration’s policies, to be courageous enough to speak out publicly themselves.

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