Tuesday, August 5, 2008

GBN News Editorial – The Odd Couple

Schools Chancellor Joel Klein has adeptly managed to parlay the NY City schools’ lack of test score progress over the past few years, along with a widening achievement gap, into a growing national reputation as a school reformer. Recently, he has become part of a modern day “Odd Couple” with the Rev. Al Sharpton in jointly forming the Education Equality Project.

Perhaps by associating with Rev. Sharpton, a proven publicity draw, Mr. Klein feels he stands a greater chance of fulfilling his mother’s expressed desire to see more of her son’s name in the paper. However, this association raises some serious issues, and GBN News is concerned about the potential consequences of a partnership with someone:

Whose organization’s accounting methods and handling of funds have been questioned by authorities;

whose questionable charges of malfeasance have caused people to spend years trying to clear their names;

who has failed to pay out monies mandated by court decisions;

and who travels around the country promoting himself and inflating his own dubious accomplishments.

Due to the above concerns, it is the opinion of GBN News that, so as not to tarnish his own image, it is in Rev. Sharpton’s best interests to reconsider his involvement with Mr. Klein in the Education Equality Project, and to find someone more reputable as a partner.

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