Saturday, October 25, 2008

Our forum on Mayoral control; check it out!

Here is the first part of our Oct. 17 forum on Mayoral control, with Steven Sanders, former chair of the State Assembly Education Committee, who helped created the changes in the governance law. Steve explains why these changes were made and is very frank in just what went wrong.

Part 2 has presentations from Esmeralda Simmons, former appointee to the Board of Education under Mayor Dinkins, explaining how Dinkins gave her complete independence (unlike the current Mayor who expects his appointees to be rubberstamps) and Dorothy Giglio, long time parent leader from District 22 in Brooklyn who relates how parents have now been completely cut out from having any input or even information under the current system.

Part 3, Council member Robert Jackson joins us, and they all agree that the Mayor and his minions ignore the intent and language of the state law in how the schools are run, and field questions from the audience.

Part 4 features more questions and discussion with the audience.

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